Using Decorators in TypeScript

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TypeScript 5.0 introduces support for ECMAScript Decorators, which are an upcoming feature but which have existed in draft form for many years. For several major versions of TypeScript there has been support for “experimental” decorators through a --experimentalDecorators flag and tsconfig.json setting. It was not enabled by default but was required to use decorators in TypeScript code that utilized them idiomatically (for example, Nest.js).

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What are decorators for?

I was first exposed to decorators over ten years ago when using Python’s during my Django days. Put simply, decorators are a way to hook into the assignment of a variable or a declaration of a class or function, and mutate it at the point which it is created. Depending on what kind of value you are decorating, you can execute code before or after a function executes, tweak the provided arguments or the return value, or even completely replace the value.

Using ES spec Decorators


Using experimental decorators